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Location :  Palermo, Italy

Type: Architecture design, Strategies design

Design Team: RBA

Design Time: 2010


项目类型:建筑设计, 策略设计



The area “Roccella”is the meeting point between the expansion areas of the towns of Palermo and Villabbate. Centrally located with respect to then Conca d’Oro, may be ideal aggregation point for a metropolitan area of nearly 800,000 people. The functional shopping is visible in parking lots, experiential shopping rather expresses its nature in a truly urban area consisting of a mixity of functions and typical places of the city [streets, plazas, water pools, gardens, etc..]

“Roccella”地区是巴勒莫和Villabbate两个城镇扩张区之间的交汇点。 位于Conca d'Oro的中心位置,可能是近800,000人的大都市区的理想聚集点。 在停车场可以看到实用的购物场所,体验式购物则在真正的城市区域表现其性质,包括功能和城市典型场所(街道,广场,水池,花园等)的混合。


The pools of water that extends along the plate will have commercial as well as ornamental value with function of reducing the temperature of the area, to promote sociability and offer the opportunity to perform the technical installation requirements for fire prevention.


In terms of distribution, the format of this design retail park revises the rule of the loop distribution, transforming the traditional malls circuit forced and imposed into a system of trails open to visitors. In addition, the model of the large outdoor plaza of outlets often impersonal and devoid of identity is reinterpreted in a different system of squares that receive the most intensive social activities [food, entertainment, temporary shops, etc..]

The critical mass of small buildings exceeds its commercial complex of inferiority towards the block of large and medium-sized sales organizations settle all their business activities within a large plate isolated from the urban environment as close as
through a system of embankments planted. The large amount of green, unlike typical malls and outlets, characterizes the design retail park as a haven in which to stop and spend their time pleasantly.


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