Ruggero Baldasso Architects, founded in 1999, is based in San Dona di Piave, Italy. The company provides comprehensive services in design consultancy for varied range of architecture and urban design projects. In the due course of practice, strategic planning and environmental sustainability has evolved as a specialization of Studio RBA, aided by young and enthusiastic professional of diverse backgrounds.

RBA in its recent past is internationally engaged into projects of varied scale and context, developing indigenous systems of design for the future requirements.

意大利RBA建筑设计事务所由Ruggero Baldasso于2001年于意大利威尼斯成立, 并于2010年在广州设立中国区域工作室,是意大利德国绿色建筑认证机构CASACLIMA的中国地区的代言机构。 


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Ruggero Baldasso, Italian architect, Founder and Chief Designer of Studio RBA, representative of Casaclima in China.

RB has cooperated with worldwide famous architects Alvaro Siza in his younger stage, and also has been invited to participate projects, seminars, competitions and workshops in Asian countries, for instance, participating the preliminary strategic planning of Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou. RB set up Studio RBA in Venice in 1999, concentrating on researching architecture morphology and sustainability. From 2010, RB has been invited as Visiting Professor in GAFA and SCUT in Guangzhou, setting up co-teaching program on Strategic Planning with Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Ruggero Baldasso, 意大利建筑设计师,Studio RBA 设计总监与创立人,欧洲绿色建筑认证机构Casaclima在华代表。


早年多次与国际建筑大师西扎等合作交流,曾参与广州市珠江新城早期规划,多次受邀赴欧亚等国开展规划设计工作坊 。1999年与威尼斯创立RBA建筑设计事务所,致力于研究建筑空间与践行可持续设计。自2010年先后受邀来华担任广州美术学院与华南理工大学访问教授,连续三年开设与哈佛大学设计学院的城市空间规划联合教学项目。

studio rba

Ruggero Baldasso Architects