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Location :  Jesolo,Venice,Italy

Type: 12 Pavilions for Music and Entertainment

Design Team: Ruggero Baldasso with
Andrea Ronchiato / Martin Ahlstrom /
Andrea Battistin / Piervittorio Buoso
/ Manuel Cason / Andrea De Faveri /
Johanna Forsman / Manuel Marchesin
/ Elisabetta Marchese / Alessia Martina
/ Gianluca Nicolini / Riccardo Pellizzon /
Chiara Stefani / Mattia Zanetti

Design Time: 2002-2005



设计团队: RBA



Xsite is a theme park located on 23 hectares between sea and lagoon of Venice.
XSITE(基地)是一个座落在大海与威尼斯泄湖区之间占地 23公顷的主题公园。


The project aims to become the new epicenter of entertainment of the Adriatic coast, when the superimposition of functions reaches a critical mass of events that can make it attractive on a grand scale. 


Desirability of a place increases proportionally to the reduction of space available for each individual. The large area and its reduced building potential required to concentrate its functions (discos, shops, restaurants, cinemas, sport arenas, amusement park, arcades, bowling, spas, academic campus, botanical parks, etc.) putting on stage a deliberate congestion of spaces.


The lake constitutes a scenic instrument that should characterise the entire project, separating it from the outside world. On the lake there is a complex system of buildings grouped together on a dense multifunctional platform.


The programmatic instability is the ideology of the entire plan. The pavilions generate a complete threedimensional anarchy that will protect them from the adoption of a dull traditional design. 
该方案的不稳定性是整个规划的主要构思。所有场馆构成 了一个完整的三维无序状态,这有助于将项目从沉闷的传统设计予以解放出来。


This new town planning of entertainment will inject between the buildings a mechanism of aesthetical competition. The ever-changing will substitute the immobile, adopting a system of biological growth (new Darwinism of form and function). What is asked of the park is the performance of the new.

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