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Location :  Beijiao, Guangdong, China

Type: Architecture Design / Bridge Design

Design Team: Ruggero Baldasso con Tim Weng / Tony Zhang / Wang Qaing

Design Time: 2007


项目类型:建筑设计 / 桥梁设计

设计团队: Ruggero Baldasso con Tim Weng / Tony Zhang / Wang Qaing




The skin becomes the structure of the bridge and substitutes what ordinarily pillars or metal wire would do, the intertwining double reverse spirals are its DNA-like geometrical framework, the sequence of squares unwrap it into the various settings its crossing and connecting, the shadow of the ventilated roofs lower the temperature at daytime along the suspended pathway.





The structural metal skin is designed both to shed people from direct sub-tropical sun and to provide the bridge an iconic value for Beijiao.



This skinned bridge has a tri-dimensional body and not just a flat walkway. Pedestrians enter it through its belly and both ends are viewpoint heads gazing at the urban environments. Its structural sun-shades look like snake skin, its wavy shape and its size make it look like a double-headed dragon!




The bridge becomes a gate to modern Beijiao. Cars get across it and a pedestrians use it as a link between the old and the new urban centers.



The shape of the bridge develops from the need for a sheltered walkway hovering above the ground level. The original round section of an armored hosepipe crossed inside by the walkway folds at first into a square touching the ground with one of its corners, and then the opposite corner is pulled upwards to make the section become a diamond with its shortest diagonal parallel to the ground. The light wooden floor provides the structure the needed rigidity.




The scale of the site and the length of the bridge are making it a project about a line suspended above the horizon. The thickness of the bridge becomes geometrically almost irrelevant when compared to its length. On a large scale the line has no thickness, therefore the project will be about its folding; on a small scale the initial line turns into several ones and their folding become the structure-facade.



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